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5 Best Platforms for Online Education

E-learning market size is expanding day by day whether you want to enhance your knowledge on a specific subject or study a completely new skill, there is bundle of websites that are offering online courses to help you on your way. In fact, it can be tricky to figure out which platform suits you best! In order to help you navigate the rapidly growing world of online education, here are 5 of the most popular platforms for advancing your skills. Ready, set…learn!


Do you want online guidance for your professional certification training? If yes, then you should only rely on the world’s best training suppliers who are none other than Coursera. It is the leading online platform which has partnered with the top universities located in the U.S. and around the world to deliver multiple online courses covering dozens of different subjects specialized in several fields. Recently, they have introduced “specializations” in 10 different courses that will lead to an authorized certification from an associated university.


Skillshare is a platform to learn for developers to learn new skills. With a wide-range of different subjects to choose from, Skillshare provides an online catalog of video-based courses for the better understanding of things, as well as in-person workshops in various cities such as San Francisco and New York. Many classes are offered without a membership at the cost of around $20-$30 each, but the top classes which are taught by industry leaders are only available with a Skillshare membership. Get the best professional courses at affordable rates through Skillshare coupon.


Another online platform is here, with a focus on web development, Bloc is a more demanding option for those who want to learn easily and quickly. Including short courses or lectures, this highly structured program runs for 25 hours per week over numerous months. With tuition starting from $4,250, doesn’t come in low rates, but it does offer a fruitful option for those who are serious and prepared to commit to a career change.

General Assembly:

With the focus on education in design, business, and technology, General Assembly established in New York City and today has the dozen of campuses in different cities around the world. While the majority of General Assembly classes are in-person, but they also offer a solid selection of online-only or mixed courses. General Assembly delivers popular lectures, providing real-time communication with the lecturer and other students. Their online courses vary in prices, from one-off lectures to multi-part workshops.


Simplilearn is counted in the list of world’s leading certification training providers. They are offering valuable online training to fulfill the exceeding demand for qualified candidates. The excellent services are especially provided to young generation. It includes data Hadoop and spark developer, data science certification training and data science with SAS training. You can learn the bundle of skills at the most reasonable prices; you just need to avail the simplilearn coupon. With their key mission, they want their every candidate to get the quality training which leads towards success by meeting all the demands for a qualified professional.

If you have experience online learning, share your course and platform suggestions in the comments section below and tell us what your learning aim for 2017 is!


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