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How to decorate your phone, inside and out

Your phone is your most personal possession so why not add a personalized touch to it, accessorize and decorate your phone in a way that is exclusively yours. Guys are mostly interested in pairing up their phones with the tech accessories whereas girls like to make it look more colorful and trendy.
Here are some of the creative ways to decorate your phone to make it unique and different from the ordinary looking ones:

Outside Decor

•There is a great variety of stickers and jewels available exclusively for your phones. You can stick them easily, and after removing, they don’t leave any glue marks behind. You can create your DIY stickers or buy it from a craft store or mobile accessory store. Tiny crystal and motifs are also available which can be arranged in patterns to create beautiful designs on your mobile case. You can also make designs on your phone case with paint or glitter glue.
•The best thing you can do to enhance the look of your phone is to buy a stunning looking phone case. Although their main purpose is to protect your phone nowadays, they are more likely used to decorate your phone. You can have your custom-made mobile cover with featuring your favorite image. Other types of phone cover include metallic cases, rubber cases, folio cases, rugged cases, glittery cases and more. You can also design your DIY Case by painting a plain one.
•Nowadays, Popsocket has become a most popular and fashionable phone accessory. It provides you with the perfect grip to take selfies and type messages. It can be used as a photo grip, media stand, texting grip, cord wrap and more. It is available in different colors, patterns, and textures, you can buy the one to match your phone case at very cheap rates with popsockets coupon. It completes the whole look of your phone and is highly usable too.
•You can also tie some cool looking charms to your phone. While chatting, you can find them dangling by your ear. Buy the ones that complement the look of your phone and decorate your phone with this delicate accessory. Many exciting cell phone accessories including charms are available at every mobile accessory shop.

Inside Decor

•If you want your phone has an overall brilliant look, it’s important to decorate your phone from inside too. Start by changing your current theme to a more interactive one. You can download your favorite theme from an extensive range of different kinds of themes of different color schemes that are available free online. Make sure that your theme also matches with your mobile case and covering.
•Your phone`s Wallpaper is something you can’t neglect. Some people try to have their picture as their personalized wallpapers other prefer to set a scenery. You can also update your wallpaper with one of your favorite quotes. If you have interest in finding some creative images for your wallpaper rely on numerous free apps that change your wallpaper atomically every week or month.


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