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Top 5 Learning Games For Kids

As we all know that learning is incomplete without different co-curricular activities, So, it`s a responsibility of the parents or teacher to find some of the engaging mind-pondering activities for children because they do not take an active part in their learning without any attraction. The best thing you can do to enhance thinking power of your child is to introduce them with some of the excellent learning games. In this guide, I have discussed some learning games for kids that will help you choose one of the best to develop your child`s learning and to increase the level of confidence. If you want to buy some of the exciting games for your child, then you can visit one of the fantastic stores that will offer you best games that will build your child`s interest towards learning. You can also avail Kiwi co coupon to get exclusive discounts on your purchase. Take ideas from this guide and find something unique for your children.


robot turtle games
Robot Turtle is a game in which your child has to learn a code by solving a complete puzzle. It is really an entertaining game that your child will love to play. It teaches preschoolers fundamentals of programming, from coding to functions while making silly turtle noises. It is one of the learning games for kids that increase programming skills, logic and problem-solving skills in your child. Have it and make your child smarter than others.


Elementos is one of the short and entertaining games for kids, this game consists of three elements fire, water, and tree. The task of these 3 is to overcome each other to create an interesting, exciting and thoughtful head to head challenge. It is based on the simple game mechanics of rock/paper/scissors. Your child will definitely take an interest in this activity so buy it and help your child to build his thinking and planning power.


 spot it
Spot it is one of the fantastic games for kids or all the ages. The game is played by 55 cards that have eight symbols varying in size and orientation. The primary purpose of this game is to spot the one symbol common between one or two cards. The cards turn with every match made, so you have to wait and focus on what’s going on in the game. This is an exciting game so have to today and increase visual perception and observation skills in your child.


Jenga is one of the exciting games for kids because this game builds patience in your child and also makes a proper coordination of hand and eyes. Stack the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower, and then take turns pulling out blocks one by one until the whole stack crashes down. It is a really simple game, so have it today and increase your child`s interest towards learning.


clue – classic edition
Clue – The classic edition is one of suspense full games for kids and adults as well. It is a mystery game that increases curiosity in children. Check the cards available here and find the clue, make a right decision and solve the suspense. You can easily solve a mystery and win the game.
These are the top learning games for kids that increase their thinking power and entertain them as well. You can visit our store Kiwi Crate to find more educational games for your child. Also, you can avail Kiwi Crate coupon to get amazing discounts on your purchase.


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