DIY Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas

This Halloween, try to give your house an eye-catching and appealing look without splurging on your Halloween Décor. As we all know, the main attraction of the Halloween is its spooky décor. From entryway to lounge, every corner of your home should give a spine-chilling and scary feeling. It is not necessary to spend large amount of Halloween décor; you can have a top-notch Halloween décor just by creating some of the most amazing DIY Halloween decoration items.

If you are looking for some of the spookiest Halloween Decorations, then here we have compiled a list of Halloween Decoration Ideas that will make your home look extraordinarily spectacular.

Floating Ghosts

Floating Ghosts


You can’t you even imagine your Halloween without ghosts! If no spooky ghosts are hovering around, you will never get the true feeling of Halloween. Ghosts are very easy to make. Just take a white blanket, a black marker or black stickers and a glow stick to bring your ghosts to life. These floating ghosts will complete your Halloween decorations Ideas in the real sense.

Spider Garland


No one loves a spider that’s why they are a must-have on your list of Halloween decoration ideas! These creepy and crawly creatures will make the environment more disgusting, perfect for Halloween.

These are simple-to-make, the best thing you can utilize to make spiders are pipe cleaning brushes. Watch the tutorial to make the spiders and then string the spiders together to make a garland.  Hang it on the wall or wear it, in both the cases your spiders will look great!

Bloody Handprint


How boring will it be if there are no bloody handprints or splashes of blood on the walls or floor? So, why not make some bloody handprints. Painting your hands red will going to be very exciting, and your children will be more than willing to do it.  All of the material for making these mysterious handprints can be found at home, so it’s a cheap craft and one of the easiest Halloween decoration ideas. Stick these bloody creations on the window pane, shower curtain, doors, mirrors, walls or wherever you like.

Dead Bodies

Dead Bodies


Take some inspiration from the house of the dead on this deadly event, get ready to make some dead bodies for free. Take a couple of trash bags and mold them into the shape of bodies and cover them by wrapping a duct tape. Splash some red paint on them and hang them upside down. If you want to be more creative, look for Halloween decoration ideas on Pinterest. If you don’t want to homemade décor, use Halloween Deals 2017 to buy cheap decorations online.

Hanging Bats

Hanging Bats

Give black cardboard, paints, and buttons to your kids with a task of making hanging bats. They will seriously enjoy making these spooky bats with googly eyes. Use a red marker to draw the face and stick the buttons in the places of eyes for the final look. Attach them to a string and hang them. You can discuss your Halloween Decorations Ideas with your friends to get more diverse ideas.

Head in a Jar


Scare the hell out of your guests with this head in a jar! Just take a laminated photograph of head and put it in a jar filled with water. You can also use your picture and see how scary you can look. This is simplest yet most blood-chilling Halloween décor and the best part is that it will not cost you a single penny.

Apart from these phenomenal ideas, you can find a lot of more interesting Halloween Decoration Ideas on Pinterest and Youtube. Also, try Halloween Costumes Coupon to get amazing discounts.



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